Learning Modules

ACNEM's post-graduate training courses cover key nutritional, environmental and biochemical topics that influence health and wellbeing.

Courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals who would like to integrate nutritional and environmental principles into daily practice.

Courses are offered in a blended learning style incorporating both online and face-to-face content. Face to face training is offered across Australia and New Zealand three times each year and is facilitated by experienced medical doctors and other experts in specialised fields.

Online participants are provided access to content for a three-month period for each module and are required to undertake a number of activities to obtain a certificate of completion. These activities include prescribed reading, an online reflective journal, logged hours of relevant clinical practice, writing a case-study and a short online quiz. Participants are fully supported by our dedicated and qualified online facilitator.

Specialised learning modules can be undertaken individually or as part of the formal structure certification levels.  It is recommended that participants undertake the Primary Modules 1 & 2 first before enrolling in the specialised modules.

Course content is evidence-based and updated regularly, current topics include:

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