There are a number of excellent resources to support your learning in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine.

Please see our recommended reading list.  

Herbs and Natural Supplements (4th Edition)
By Lesley Braun and Marc Cohen.
Evidence-based guide to nutritional and herbal supplements; includes interactions and safety.

General Practice - The Integrative Approach
By Kerryn Phelps & Craig Hassed.
This book takes a contemporary, integrative approach to the diagnosis, investigation, prevention and management of disease states encountered in General Practice.

A Guide to Evidence-Based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
By Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, Dr Luis Vitetta & Professor Avni Sali. 956 pages
The book covers non-pharmacological treatments for common medical practice problems. Designed for general practitioners, specialists, medical students & health practitioners with an interest in integrative medicine.  

Clinical Guide to Nutrition and Dietary Supplements in Disease Management
By Professor J Jamison. 790 pages
A contemporary approach to principles of nutritional therapy and herbal treatments.




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