Metabolic Conditions, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

This module discusses the underlying biochemistry of metabolic syndrome and provides practical evidence-based solutions through diet, nutrition, gut health and case history discussion to enable immediate application in clinical practice.
The learning outcomes for this module are:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact that diabesity has on society
  2. Describe the role that the primary care physician plays in the treatment of diabesity
  3. Identify the role that evolution and genetics have played in the development of diabesity
  4. Identify the role of diet and exercise in the treatment and prevention of diabesity
  5. Formulate a systems-based approach to NEM treatment options for enhanced patient safety and outcomes in the treatment of diabesity

The video presentations in this training module cover the following topics:

  • The impact of metabolic disease on society
  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • The role of diet in diabesity
  • Nutritional aspects of cardiovascular disease
  • ‘Evolution’ and the development of metabolic syndrome
  • MicrObesity - The role of gastrointestinal microbiota in obesity
  • Case study presentation - coronary heart disease 

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