"This is such common sense. Why are we not taught this at undergraduate level? I am confident this is the way medicine will be heading in the future – my practice certainly will be changing for the better. See you soon!"  SB, Doctor


"Please continue your good work. It has been a wonderful eye opener for me. It has motivated me to get hold of a good biochemistry/physiology/anatomy textbook and get back to real medicine. I look forward to hearing much more from ACNEM." JK, Doctor


"Superb, well organised course. Met some incredible people. Look forward to attending further courses. Many thanks." FR, Doctor.


"I found the course to be sensational. Course content was great and presenters very impressive. All doctors should do this course." CW, Doctor


"Yes. I did enjoy the Primary Course very much.. After the 4 days I felt overwhelmed , exhausted and exhilarated. I am still 'digesting' all the information. I would like to sincerely thank ACNEM for giving me this opportunity to attend the Primary course. I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital in a rehibilitaion and medical ward. I see the effects of chronic disease processes everyday and know there is a link between environment and health. I am very grateful for the fresh and informative perspective that ACNEM has given to me." AA, Registered Nurse


"Best course I have ever been on.  Will change the way I practice forever. Want and need to know more." KN, Doctor


"This has to be the most enjoyable medical conference I have attended, full of well researched useful information imparted in a dynamic way with obvious attention to detail by each lecturer." MR, Doctor


"A brilliant course. This information is amazing and should be offered to all doctors preferably in medical school." PC, Doctor


"I really did enjoy the 4 days here. It was worth attending. Thank you!  All presenters were very approachable for questions, even after time!" LB, Naturopath/Nurse


"I really wish I had found out about this a long time ago. Will be back!" SB, Doctor


"Had an awesome 4 days – brain is absolutely spinning!" KB, Doctor


"Very, very interesting course! I would recommend highly to others." CC, Doctor


"The multitude of pearls which came out of discussion always add to, and influence my practice." AA, Doctor


"Chock-a-block with good information." JM, Doctor


"Very relaxed environment that allows reasonable communication between integrated practitioners and GPs." CP, Naturopath


"Very relevant and of highest quality. Excellent, filled a vacuum in my knowledge." NF, Doctor


"Fantastic. Well presented and very practical. Well referenced." TB, Doctor


"Good balance of practical information and scientific stuff that promotes further thinking." MR, Doctor


"Ground-breaking in my education. So relevant. Great." KW, Doctor


"Thank you. Absolutely amazingly precise and clear. A wonderful overview of recent genetics." LS, Doctor


"Fascinating, thought provoking, challenging, will change how I practice." RC, Doctor


"All I was hoping for and more." KD, Doctor


"Eye opening presentation. A great diagnostic tool for our practice." MP, Doctor


Presenters and Lecturers

"What I found fantastic was each one’s absolute passion for their subject." SB, Dietician


"Absolutely fantastic. Slides useful, clinical advice great, motivating, inspiring, fun speaker!" AP, Doctor


"Great approach from a GP perspective. Information helped integrate NEM into GP. The evidence produced was very thorough." PC, Doctor


"Excellent presenter, absolutely committed and very knowledgeable." RC, Doctor


"I love listening and learning from such mega brain scientists." KT, Doctor


"Appreciated the biochemistry/microbiological detail and applications in clinical practice." CK, Doctor


"Excellent talk, plenty of case studies and examples illustrated by research studies." PS, Naturopath


"Excellent case histories and applications of clinical knowledge. Thank you for making something which is so complex, accessible and useful." KD, Doctor


"Inspirational woman, whose personal experience and scientific diligence comes across in a precise, factual and gripping presentation." MD, Doctor


"Absolutely excellent. Hate to think how long this took to prepare. Make it easy to follow. Great speaker, great value." SP, Doctor


The College

"Well done! Keep up the great work. Congrats to all staff and support people. Thanks for being courageous, pioneers and leaders." IW, Fitness Coach


"Really great to have Collegiate support. Really great to talk with colleagues, staff and lecturers." JG, Doctor


"Thank you! The enthusiasm of those involved in ACNEM is contagious!" GP, Doctor


"Thanks for all your commitment and passion to this work and the education of others." MB, Doctor



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